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Our staff is committed to providing students with an educationally positive atmosphere where a purposeful curriculum and activities support the values of learning and citizenship.

Further, our learning community is focused on preparing productive, responsible individuals dedicated to education. Our team structure supports these core beliefs. 


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New Policy!!!
Appropriate use of personal cell phones now permitted during lunch.  


Students’ electronic devices and accessories (head phones, ear buds, etc.) must be powered off and out of sight during the educational day. If a student needs to use an electronic device, he or she may do so with the permission of a staff member and under the staff member’s supervision. Students are not allowed to take pictures or video without permission from a classroom teacher and the person being photographed and/or videoed. The school administration may allow the use of electronic devices prior to the educational day and during lunch time, in the cafeteria, provided these do not negatively impact the school culture or environment. This privilege may be revoked at any time. Violations of this policy will result in confiscation of the device and/or disciplinary consequences.

Office and classroom phones are for school district business and emergencies only. Students may use the telephone on the counter in the Main Office, with permission from the secretary.


If students are caught with their cell phone out when not permitted, the following protocol will be followed:

1st time- Confiscated for the remainder of the day.
2nd time- Confiscated for the remainder of the day.
3rd time- Confiscated for the remainder of the day and student will be given a lunch detention.
4th time- Confiscated from the student. Parent/Guardian must come pick up the phone. Phone will NOT be released to the student or anyone not on the students contact list.
5th time- Confiscated from the student. Parent/Guardian and student must have an in-person conference with administration and then the parent/guardian will be given the phone to take home.
6th time- Confiscated from the student. Parent/Guardian and student must have an in-person conference with administration and then the parent/guardian will be given the phone to take home. The parent/guardian will be informed that the student will be required to turn their phone into the office each morning and will be given it back at the end of the day. Parent will sign consent for student’s belongings to be searched for said phone.

*This is consistent with expectations at Jacksonville High School.

Emergency Bus Routes
Click here to view the 2017-2018 emergency bus routes

Two Hour Late Start Option

The two hour late start option will be used whenever we have early morning weather issues that are predicted to “clear up”. For example, by delaying our buses two hours we hope to not have to cancel school completely for wind chill and light icing that will melt once the sun rises.

Here are some important points regarding this late start schedule:

  • All buses will start exactly two hours late.
  • All schools will end at the regular time.
  • There will not be any early morning Pre-K. All day Pre-K will start two hours late and afternoon Pre-K will operate as normal.
  • There will not be any daily buses for other events such as field trips or community visits.
  • Early Bird classes will be cancelled.
  • All other morning meetings will be cancelled (clubs, practices, etc.) including the morning Physical Therapy buses.

A late start day for emergency reasons is considered a complete school calendar day.


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