7th Grade Social Studies

7th Grade Social Studies
Course Outline



Jacksonville -- August-September
Students will explore the rich history of Jacksonville and how it fits into the realm of American History.

French and Indian War -- September-October 
Students will study how the American Colonists fit into the fight for North America between the British and the French.

British Acts and Taxes -- October-November
Students will study why the American colonists begin to rebel against the Mother country, Great Britain based on taxes and acts that limited their rights.

American Revolution -- November-December
Students will study why and how the American Colonists declared independence and give birth to the United States of America.

Constitution -- January-February
Students study our government from the Articles of Confederation to our current Constitution with a focus on the Three Branches to the Amendments.

Westward Expansion -- February-March
Students will explore America's Manifest Destiny as we expand westward from sea to shining sea.

Civil War -- April-May
Students will study everything from the causes of the Civil War to the battles and the fight for preserving the Union.