Dress Code Policy

Dress Code:
Students are expected to be clean and neat in appearance and the clothing worn is expected to be appropriate to the school situation.  The administration reserves the right to send home any student wearing clothing or accessories deemed inappropriate for the educational environment; time missed will be unexcused. Recurring violations of the dress code may result in disciplinary action.  

What to wear to school:
Tops/Shirts—Wear tops that cover the shoulder completely, are long enough that a raised hand does not show any skin. Pants/shorts/skirts—Wear pants, shorts and skirts that extend beyond fingertips extended at the student’s side and stay at the waist. 
Shoes—Wear shoes that have a back at all times while at school.

What not to wear (or bring) to school:
This list is to be used as a guide and is not intended to be all inclusive
See-through, mesh, or ripped
Tops that are too tight, too short, low cut, or expose back, chest, or shoulders 
Pajama pants or boxer shorts
Tights, or see through leggings, unless worn under an appropriate length clothing article (beyond fingertips)
Pants with holes or rips higher than fingertips extended at the student’s side, or have excessive holes/rips
Pants that fall below the waist or expose clothing worn under them. No sagging. 
No flip flops, athletic slides, or shoes/sandals without a back
Chains; necklaces with large links, pendants, or beads; excessively large  or distracting earrings; studded necklaces or bracelets; and wristbands
Purses, backpacks, fanny packs, string bags, and gym bags are to be kept in lockers during the school day
Head coverings of any kind; hats, combs, hair picks, rollers, bandanas, sunglasses; these are to be kept in lockers
Clothing or body art with sexual/drug/alcohol/racial/gang/dual meaning or otherwise inappropriate design 
Body or clothing graffiti
Clothing that has holes in inappropriate places
Coats, hats and outerwear are to be kept in lockers during the school day
No hoods are to be worn in the school building
Other items not named on this list may also be restricted if they interrupt the educational process or pose a safety concern.

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